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Professional Blast Cleaning Services

At GT Problast Ltd we carry out private, commercial and industrial blast cleaning services and are capable of blasting anything from car parts and gates to bridges and power stations!

We use a variety of different blast media depending on the job, which include:

  • Crushed Glass – Manufactured from recycled glass bottles. It is silica, toxic free and inert. It produces a much lighter and finish in comparison to other slag blast media. It is ideal for removing of coatings and lighter surface rust. Crushed glass is available in many grades and can be generally used on most blast cleaning jobs.
  • J Blast – Commonly known as copper slag, J blast has been used in the industry for many years. It is much harder and denser than crushes glass and can be used to remove heavy rust from corroded steel and thick coatings. It has a much faster cleaning rate than glass and is available in many different grades.
  • Glass Bead – Mainly used for cabinet work, Glass bead is spherical in shape and is inert. IT is generally used for removing light burring, polishing or peening the surface. Due to its shape and not being as hard as some other blast media, it does not leave much of/if any profile on the material being blast cleaned. This makes it a perfect product for cabinet work on alloy prior to being polished.
  • Soda – Soda is a soluble product and is environmentally friendly. As it is non-abrasive and non-destructive, it leaves no/very little profiling to the material being cleaned. It is a gentle process which can be used to neutralise rust, water damage and fire damage; removing toxins, odours and bacteria.
  • Garnet – The vast majority of the Garnet we use is mined from Australia. It is a very hard material which is used for its superior coating preparation and adhesion properties. As Garnet is a natural product and environmentally it is commonly used in protected areas such as national parks etc. if there is a risk of any media escaping into the atmosphere.
  • Additional blast media we use include steel shot, walnut shells, aluminium oxide and olivine etc.

Our Blast cleaning service is a cost-effective way of removing rust, dirt and grime, saving you hours of hard labour!

Automotive Work Overview

We can remove paint and corrosion from all types of vehicles, on modern or vintage from cars, motorcycles, military and light commercial vehicles including Chassis frames, body shells, panels, engine parts and even bicycle frames and parts, the above can be carried out on site or at our workshop facility.


We can strip the paint from almost any kind of vehicle, even aluminium bodies and GRP kit cars without damaging the panels.


Blast cleaning of chassis in preparation for repair and restoration.


Boasting the largest blast room in North Wales, we can take in vehicles up to 30 ft long and usually turn them around in 48 hrs.


We offer steel and alloy wheel refurbishment including wheel dipping, powder coating and painting.

Industrial & Manufacturing Work Overview

We undertake blast and chemical cleaning of machinery and parts, from sensitive items for manufacturing to heavy parts for the industrial sector. Previous works carried out include, blast cleaning of small metal discs to gain a key in preparation for chrome plating, cleaning for the biomass industry, sandblasting of large valves, gates and pipe lines for the water industry.


Blast cleaning of steam and diesel locomotives along with rolling stock and ancillary machinery in preparation for crack testing, maintenance and renovation.


Work undertaken includes the removal of split, hardened concrete from cement mixer lorries to paint and rust removal ready for repainting to maintain fleet appearance in order to meet VOSA’s high standards of commercial vehicle safety and repair requirements.

Marine Work Overview

Serving the oil, wind power and marine industries as well as cleaning all types of ancillary equipment ready for welding, repair and re -paint


We can remove anti foul layers from all sizes of vessels, including small inshore pleasure craft, yachts, large cruisers canal and fishing boats to all sizes of work boats. .


Wet blasting reduces dust and is less abrasive giving a softer finish.


Cleaning of engine parts ready for rebuild and refitting.

Architectural Work Overview


The Torc system is deigned to deliver the water and blast media in a swirling action so not as to damage sensitive stone and wood surfaces.


Brick & stone cleaning can be carried out wet or dry for the removal.


Removal of soot can be carried out as part of fire reclamation schemes using soda blasting.

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GT Problast supply a wide range of specialist soft and hard blast cleaning as well as chemical cleaning services and solutions.

GT Problast provides a one stop shop from our workshop facilities to on-site service both locally and nationally.

Our customer base is diverse and wide spread operating across the manufacturing industry, heavy industry, architectural buildings and monuments, modern and heritage, marine, automotive and agriculture.

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