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One of our other services besides blast cleaning is chemical cleaning. This service very much runs alongside our DOFF and TORC cleaning systems.

Some of the products we use are developed by and exclusive to Stonehealth so are therefore recommended to use on many listed and historic building. Just some of the chemicals we regularly use include:


Heavy Duty Brick Cleaner

The heavy duty brick cleaner can quickly remove and dirt, grime, carbon, and rusting stains from brick and stonework. This product is very strong and is biodegradable when mixed with water.


Mortar Stain Remover

Used for removing excessive mortar staining on brickwork cement splashes, and efflorescent etc. from stone, brick, patios, glass, concrete and tiles.


Oil Rid

A  detergent for removing oil which contains oil digesting bacteria. This product removes the oil without the ‘rainbowing’ results. This is heavily used on driveways etc.


Paint Rid

Removes paints, varnishes and coatings. It is non hazardous and can be used to remove oil based coatings, such as gloss paints, acrylics and plasticised paints. It can be used on all masonry as well as wood and metal.

The process and timescale of work for each chemical differs, as some need the process repeated or to be left overnight. These are just some examples of the chemicals we use. Others include, degreasers, paint removers, sandstone cleaners, algae and moss removers, aluminium cleaners and man many more. Please get in touch regarding any other chemicals as this is just a small example of what we use.

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GT Problast supply a wide range of specialist soft and hard blast cleaning as well as chemical cleaning services and solutions.

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