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Cowlyd Pipeline (355m above sea level) runs from Llyn Cowlyd, above ground for approx. 4 miles.
We were asked on behalf of the contractor to blast clean some sections of the pipeline to remove the paint back to bare metal and then apply paint as additional water valves were being added.

As the site is within the Snowdonia national park, our primary concern was to make sure that no dust or paint particles would be released into the environment. To resolve this problem, we had the area scaffolded, and we shrink wrapped the work area. This created a fully encapsulated work station for us to work inside, whatever the weather, to contain all the dust and spent blast media. Our mobile extraction system was then secured inside the station to remove any fine dust and maintain good visibility for the blaster. Although our workstation was fully enclosed, we also used Garnet for our blast media as it is a natural product which is environmentally friendly (should any fall on the ground), it is also a dense material which is hard enough to bring off the existing coating.

We commenced with the blast cleaning to clean the metal to a standard of SA2 in preparation for a recoating. We then applied the required paint to the specified coats and thickness. A great place to work with some lovely views!