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GT Problast Ltd can provide Shrink Wrapping for your Scaffolding and Construction Projects

Why shrink wrap your scaffolding?

Shrink wrapping can create a weather resistant protective wrapping that will not flap in the wind, and provides a high level of containment for dust and debris. This will provide a professional approach to construction projects that will have will allow for total encapsulation of the scaffolding structure.
Shrink wrapping has a drum tight fit combined with high performance that is versatile in terms of different structures. Our shrink wrap is flame retardant and 100% recyclable. Not only will it provide a tidy, professional look to a project but also provides an opportunity to display your branding by overprinting the wrap.

Due to the ever increasing Environment and Health & Safety precautions we have to fully encapsulate our working area where possible. Blast cleaning can be a very dusty job and we are fully aware that the public and objects/buildings around our work area need to be protected. The scaffold shrink wrapping process enables us to work in a fully encapsulated area ensuring dust and falling foreign objects are contained, and can be cleaned up and disposed of in the correct manner. This is so when working on projects where old paintwork which may contain lead particles are present.

Unlike general scaffolding sheets that have joint gaps, the shrink wrap we use is flame retardant, will not detach or flap, it will also keep a watertight working area ensuring our work can continue whatever the weather. It can also be used as a temporary roof or dust screens and partitions.

Not only is shrink wrapping used for environmental purposes, it also gives the work area a clean and professional appearance. It can provide privacy for local residence and passers-by, particularly in built up areas, and hide the construction activity from view.


Why is shrink wrapping better than traditional scaffold sheeting?

  • It can reduce noise levels of up to 19dB
  • Does not detach or flap from the scaffold
  • Creates an air tight enclosure to work in
  • Protects public from potentially hazardous particles and falling debris
  • There is no joint gaps for air or dust to escape
  • Clean and professional in appearance

Our shrink wrapping service is a cost-effective way to provide protection and containment to your construction projects.

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