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Built in in 1910 in Dublin Dockyard, this former lighthouse ship was once towed around the North Coast of Ireland and it was the last ship to see the Titanic as it left Dublin. In 1988 whilst she hit a foreign object under the water and sank, it was then salvaged by its current owner.

Our job on this ship was to blast all the walls and ceiling below deck, and also the rudder, masts and top cabins ready for a new superstructure to be added. As lead paint was present, all rooms on the ship had to be totally encapsulated to ensure no lead particles escaped into the environment and m=by using extraction machines.
Due to the thickness of paint and rust on the ship, heavy copper slag blast media was used to ensure all the rust and paint was removed to achieve the standard on minimum SA2.5 in preparation for primer. All hazardous waste was disposed of using hazardous waste skips. The best way for us remove the spent media from deep in the ships hull was to use our venturi suction pump which is capable of moving around 3tonne of media an hour. Once the area had been blasted, and cleaned free of dust etc, we then applied a zinc phosphate primer with rust inhibitor using rollers and the airless sprayer pump.

The job was then passed over to the next contractors to fit out insulation and cladding to all the interior of the vessel. When complete, the Arctic Penguin will be used as for private sailing to events such as Monaco and the Isle of Man TT races.